Vote Savvy and PanAm medal-hopeful Jason Burnett target elusive youth vote

For Immediate Release: Vote Savvy targets elusive youth vote with new website and campaign featuring Pan Am medal-hopeful Jason Burnett  

GUELPH, ON . Jul 17th, 2015 - With under 100 days left until the next Canadian Federal Election, Vote Savvy, a not-for-profit organization promoting political literacy among youth, has launched its new website aimed at demystifying Canadian politics for voters aged 18-24. Central to the new design are “likeable” political ads that pair humour with political engagement and a survey tool that will help young voters identify the issues that matter to them most, giving those who may otherwise be apathetic a reason to head to the polls this Fall. To help cut through the noise of attack ads and actually connect with young people, the survey ends by presenting each major party’s platform on the issues in clear, concise, and party-neutral language.

“Voter turnout among those aged 18-24 has been hovering between 37-39% in the last two federal elections. But youth are not apathetic, they donate their time and money to causes they connect with and we want to illustrate that democracy is a worthy cause.” said Elizabeth Dubois, Executive Director of Vote Savvy. “That’s why the website is designed first to inform, and then to empower.” Dubois says that those who want to take their newfound enthusiasm for politics a step further will also find resources on the site outlining how to organize events like “Vote Mobs”, rallies for youth to come together and commit to voting and encouraging their peers to do the same. Building on the momentum of Vote Mobs in 2011 which picked up steam after being championed by Rick Mercer, Vote Savvy is focused on further evolving the movement to get-out-the-vote.

The website launched alongside Vote Savvy’s new “Learn. Choose. Vote Savvy.” campaign, featuring a comedic video of Olympic Medalist Jason Burnett being hassled to take trampoline advice from an average man off the street. The video aims to challenge young voters to empower themselves with knowledge instead of failing to vote and letting others choose for them by default. “I think it’s such an important message, and I’m just glad I could play a role in bringing some more attention to it,” said Burnett of his starring role. Burnett competes in Men’s Individual Trampoline in the 2015 Pan Am games this Saturday, July 18th and is a medal-favourite after his Silver finish in the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. You can watch the new video, learn about the survey and check out Vote Savvy by visiting

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